Production Timeline

Estimated TactiPac Holster order production time line.

The following is a tentative estimate based on our current increased production rate and order volume.  As you may or may not know the United States has been going through a peculiar time recently concerning fire arms, legislation, shootings and news media reports. These factors combined with other things has created an unprecedented buying frenzy across the board in the Tactical Supply industry and our company is no exception.

We sincerely appreciate your patience with us during these unusual times. We have effectively upgraded our manpower and equipment to handle the production load and expect current orders to be fulfilled according to our normal production schedule. However, holsters ordered during the "frenzy" period have experienced a backorder. This production time line has been produced to help you place a delivery time on your order if you have ordered during that period. 

Please understand while we will do everything in our power to attempt to accurately hold to this schedule it is still a "prediction" of the future. As we all know God Himself is the only One who knows the future; so please take that into consideration when viewing this schedule.

We are currently packaging and shipping all holster orders placed up until and through August 7th, 2019.

Again we really appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter; as well your keeping in mind that these are estimates based on the best of our knowledge.