Modular Mag Holder

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The Modular Magazine Holder is designed to be used for concealed carry of your extra magazines when wearing the FusionPac or TactiPac holsters. Although its design is for the TactiPac line of holsters the Modular Magazine Holder is versatile enough to be used with any belt upto 2" in thickness.

The Modular Magazine Holder will accomodate extra magazines for most full size, compact and sub-compact hand guns. The Mag Holder is also able to carry almost anything that will fit in it; such as knives, tactical flashlights, multi-tools, mace canisters and much more.

The Modular Magazine Holder is made of the same durable, comfortable, light weight construction as our FusionPac IWB Concealed Carry Holster. So, you can expect superior performance and comfort that you can rely on for concealing and deploying your extra magazines when needed.